Exposition home sketch3125 E. Exposition was built in 1928 by renowned architects Fisher & Fisher for Mrs. Florence Kountze Best, also known as Mrs. J.W. Best.  Mrs. Best was the daughter of one of Denver’s first bankers, C.B. Kountze.  Mrs. Best worked with meticulous detail in the design of every piece of the house.  She was fond of the roof at Park Hill Elementary School and ordered the architects to find where it came from and use it for her house (hence why the original roof was green tile).  She also liked the blonde brick of Polaris Elementary School, hence the builder found the same quarry where that brick came from to us it as well. She lived in the home until she passed away in 1937.

Exposition Sketch 3The home was set to be demolished in 2007 in order to build 4 houses on the spacious and prime lot.  The current owners rescued the home shortly before it was to be torn down.  They then spent the better part of the next 2 and 1/2 years taking the house to a level the original builders never could have imagined.  Along with a team of skilled craftsmen, the sellers had every window removed, cleaned and restored.  They had a blacksmith on site making additional windows and doors to match.  Every flooring surface is more than 300 years old, all imported from Europe.  The walls are waxed Venetian plaster, the fixtures imported European antiques as well.  The owners truly brought a piece of Europe to Denver.

Exposition sketch 2
Exposition sketch 4

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